“Jwaala’s Better Banking is a powerful, open, and extensible online banking platform that lets financial institutions rapidly deploy customized online banking services that offer the latest functionality that users are looking for, while providing the ability to extend the platform as technologies and consumer demands evolve.”

Personal Financial Management tools, customizable dashboards, widgets, user defined alerting, bill payment, mobile apps, security, secure messaging, in-statement rewards, targeted marketing, document storage, e-statements and more all integrated into one platform for a whole new level of user experience.

At Jwaala, we don’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach to online banking. To succeed in today’s competitive environment, differentiation is crucial. Better Online Banking was designed from the ground up to be easily customized and enhanced. Beyond basic color schemes and feature controls, Better Online Banking lets you customize just about any aspect of the application.

FI’s need a technology that can deliver the functionality consumers want today while maintaining the flexibility to keep pace with change. Beyond a fresh new look, Better Online Banking is developed on the latest .Net architecture providing a platform designed to accommodate new technologies and services as they evolve. While many vendors claim their solutions are flexible and open, Jwaala has reset the bar. Got an idea for a new feature? Do you have access to interesting data in your core? Develop and deploy! Designed with evolution and extensibility in mind, Better Online Banking allows you to add the functionality you want, when you need it.

Integrated Features

Integrated Personal Financial Managment.
Shouldn’t online banking be about managing your money? With Better Online Banking, PFM is not just another set of features, buried behind a tab. With Better Online Banking, PFM is front and center where you’ll see valuable customizable information, every step of the way. Say goodbye to redundant and inconsistent bolt-on PFM solutions. Better Online Banking delivers a whole new level of online banking experience.

Customizable dashboards.
Better Online Banking lets every user create their own personal experience from custom widgets to multiple dashboards, even within a shared account. Husband’s and wives will no longer argue over who rearranged the dashboard!

Search your finances like Google.
Want to know how much you spent at Starbucks last month? Simply type “Starbucks last month”. Want to find the receipt for that lawnmower you bought last year? Try “HomeDepot last year” or better yet, type “Lawnmower”. Your receipt can be easily attached to historical transactions. How nice is that?

Built in eMarketing platform.
Create, deploy and manage highly targeted ad campaigns right within online and mobile banking. With Better Online Banking’s built in (at no charge) marketing platform, you can create and manage campaigns based on just about any user data within your core system and display ads only to those that you want to view them. Use Google style ad words or rich image advertisements.

Better Business Banking.
Do your personal account holders have their business accounts with you? Do your business account holders have their personal accounts with you? Either way, shouldn’t they have the same great experience for both? How about access to both, from either? Better Online Banking brings business and consumer banking together into one feature rich, flexible experience.

Alert on anything!
Why do online banking systems only allow you to choose alerts from a list that they provide? What if you could tell the system what alert you want and how you want to receive it. Well, now you can. With Better Online Banking anything you can search for can be an alert. Create just about any alert you want and choose to receive it wherever you want it; sms, email, RSS, Skype, Twitter, etc. Now that’s, nice!

See what else Better Online Banking can do for you and your users. Contact us today or signup for a demo.